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A SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION is coming to AMERICA ... and YOU are part of God's plan!


The Lord gave me two specific prophetic words for 2024 ...

1. The church must move from REVIVAL to REVOLUTION. There must be a nation-changing, policy-making, educational system-shaking, soul-winning REVOLUTION!

2. You will not be known for your FIGHT but for your VICTORY! My friend, it is time to win! We have been waging war and fighting—sometimes barely surviving, but NOW IT IS TIME TO WIN!

Please give YOUR VERY BEST GIFT to help us proclaim this POWERFUL PROPHETIC WORD and see the Spirit of God bring salvation and healing to people across America!


Revivalmakers is a spirt-filled evangelistic ministry that travels from church to church and hosts events around the world. A third-generation Pentecostal preacher, Tony Suarez has a passion to preach and teach about Jesus, watching God save and heal.

© Revivalmakers

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